Anticipated questions / known issues:
Q: I don't see any "dll".
A: Windows doesn't display known file extensions by default - if you just see a "bink2w64" file, that's okay, that's what I meant.
Q: Does this work on the Rockstar Warehouse version of the game too?
A: Yes.
Q: The game refuses to launch when I have the mod installed.
A: Did you install vcredist_x64.exe? The version (2013) is important! Microsoft names all their 64-bit packages, regardless of version, vcredist_x64.exe, so you may have installed one such file before which was older, so you'll still need to install this one.
Q: Okay, but I don't trust you to run a file from you as Administrator.
A: The official download is available at
Q: Why doesn't the FoV slider in the camera menu work anymore?
A: The mod overrides it. If you want the default values back, you can uninstall it, or set them in fov.txt (they go from 45 to 55). If you want an ingame way of changing field of view, I might try utilising the cheat code prompt for that, but no guarantees.
Q: So how do I uninstall this?
A: Just delete dsound.dll from your GTA V installation folder again.
Q: I have a super fast PC and this doesn't seem to work.
A: The mod waits 30 seconds after the game starts (i.e. the program opens, not 30 seconds after you gain control of your character) to take effect, as it crashes if it tries to load immediately when the game does. I know there's better ways to avoid this, but I wanted to get this out quickly.
Q: I set the FoV to 100 and everything looks weird!
A: You need to convert your FoV to the vertical FoV, see the calculator linked above.
Q: Where's the source code?
A: I'll put it up shortly when I've polished it, but it's nothing special, really.