- Open "oalinst.exe" to install Open AL. This is required for sound to function.
- Open "Install Star Fox Event Horizon " to install the game.

Play the Game:
- Upon starting up Event Horizon for the first time, you will be prompted with a menu. It will automatically search for your Event Horizon install if it does not detect it.
- In the "Audio/Joystick" tab, be sure to set your Preferred Playback Device to "Generic Software" in order for sound effects and music to play.
- Be sure to disable the options in the "Speech" tab if they are enabled, otherwise the engine will attempt to play horribly simulated voiceovers.
- It is highly recommended but not necessary to increase the screen resolution in "Video Tab."
- When you are ready, press Run.
- Click "Continue" at the main menu to begin the Training Level.
- All the Freeplay missions can be found in the "Tech Room > Mission Simulator" menu.