This is an XML mod which is unzipped first, and the .package file goes in the Mods folder. The same steps as before for allowing XML mods to function must be taken if you haven't done these steps before:

1 Make a new folder in the Mods folder (so this is a subfolder under Mods) named: unpackedmod

2 In the Resource.cfg file in the Mods folder add the following line after the other text. To do this simply open the .cfg file in Notepad and copy and paste from here into the file and save it using "Save", not "Save As" : DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate

This empty unpackedmod folder you just created isn't used for anything, it simply needs to be there as a reference.

This mod uses the two XML files testSet_RomanceAllowedAge and testSet_TeenAndTeenOrAdultAndAdult_Romance. This mod will not work at the same time as any other mods using these two files.